2018 Sep 6th Warriors vs Basingstoke (Ladies)


Our ladies’ 2nd ever match, a friendly between Portsmouth Warriors and Basingstoke Bluefins. ( match report by Ellie Califano )

Portsmouth 7 – Basingstoke 11

  • PCWP Ladies v Basingstoke (friendly)
  • Date: Thursday 6th September 2018 21:00
  • Venue: Mountbatten Centre

The first quarter was tight, with two eager teams going head to head for the second time this year; keen to score and roaring with passion to defend their goals. Emily’s nerves said it all! Our worthy opponents, Basingstoke, had the edge making it 3-2.

Jen’s impressive hat trick and Lisa’s spot on passes under pressure in the second quarter gave the Warriors hope and the momentum to keep fighting.

Basingstoke came fighting straight back at us in the third quarter, quite literally. With poor Abbie’s nose wounded, our subs were down from 2 to 1 leaving us a bit exposed. Whilst Tara flung a superb shot in the back of the net, we finished the quarter at 9-4.

Mark’s inspiring words of wisdom in the final break led to a winning fourth quarter with Jenny pulling out a cracking shot and Caz, our helper kindly on loan from Basingstoke, dropping two in the net for us.

Throughout the game, Katie consistently made great saves and nailed the long balls out when we needed them most. Emily and Ellie also got a few assists and made some vital challenges when things got tough.

Admittedly it wasn’t a win but we demonstrated tremendous progress since our first match. I’ve no doubt that with some more confidence taking shots, we’ll be an even bigger threat next time. More importantly, our ladies finished with a smile and showed the boys what we’re capable of!

A grateful cheer to Basingstoke for the challenge and for travelling, to Trev for reffing, to the chaps on the bench for scoring and to the supporters of both teams.

Finally, thanks to the lifeguard for digging out the first aid kit on his first day, to the A&E crew for patching up Abbie and to that classic wedgie moment that brought a giggle to the game.

Goals :

  • Jen Etherington: 3
  • Caz (on loan): 2
  • Tara Grigg-Tomsett: 1
  • Jenny Rorke: 1