New Swim Kit – Orders Closed

Club members: the committee are happy to announce we have finalised the design for the new club swim suits!

  *** Order Placed! (please wait for next batch) ***

Please see the new look costumes below – the final design may vary slightly as Waterpoloshop will recreate the artwork for printing.

We will be ordering Finis suits – check out the sizing guide here under “OTHER”: size-chart.

Before we can place an order we need to have a commitment from at least 10 members – please follow the appropriate link below to pay by GoCardless.

After making your payment please email us the size you want (and the type of costume you ordered so we can match orders with payments – thanks).

Please be aware if you do not participate in this initial order, when you do wish to order a swim suit an admin fee will apply unless there are at least five costumes in the order.


LADIES £35 (orders closed)

Ladies – view full size image

MENS BRIEFS £25 (orders closed)

Mens “briefs” – view full size image

MENS JAMMERS £27 (orders closed)

Mens “jammers” – view full size image

Mens “jammers” – side – view full size image