2018 Mar 22 Warriors v Bournemouth


Portsmouth welcomed Bournemouth to the Mountbatten centre with a full team and needing a win. ( match report by Jack Woodland )

1st Quarter
After an even start with both teams struggling to create clear cut chances Bournemouth were the first ones to score. However a minute later Grant was able to equalise. The remainder of the quarter passed without any further goals but exclusions for each side, with neither team managing to convert.

2nd Quarter
Portsmouth realised that as Bournemouth only had one substitute, if they could swim hard for the remaining three quarters they should pull away in the final quarter. Portsmouth were defending well and Bournemouth were struggling to create clear chances. This pattern continued in the second quarter with both teams scoring twice (Grant again with two). However both teams continued to squander man-up opportunities. Bournemouth were showing signs of tiring towards the end of the half.

3rd Quarter
Great goals from Tim and Jake with Bournemouth only managing one in response allowed Portsmouth to pull a goal ahead with Portsmouth finally able to convert one of their man-ups. Continuing to rotate their players they were tiring at a much slower rate to the Bournemouth players.

4th Quarter
Portsmouth maintained the lead throughout the final quarter with man of the match Grant scoring a 4th and Adam scoring a second. They weren’t able to take full advantage of Bournemouth tiring and conceded two goals. Throughout the game Bournemouth weren’t able to create much through the pit and had to rely on some great long range shots. Portsmouth ended up with 8 man-ups in total scoring just one, room for improvement in the next game. A good performance from all involved especially in defence showing great improvement over the games from the beginning of the season.

Final Score: Portsmouth 8 – Bournemouth 6

Man of the Match: Grant T