2016 Nov 27 Men v Basingstoke


Division 2 league officially underway with solid win against Basingstoke ( match report by Lorenzo Bernaudo )

Portsmouth 11 – Basingstoke 2

  • PCWP v Basingstoke B (Div 2)
  • Date: Sunday 27th November 2016 20:30
  • Venue: Basingstoke Aquadrome

And so the season got underway with the first official match of the Hampshire Division 2 Water Polo League. The Portsmouth warriors “challenged” by the young lions of Basingstoke.

The match was held at Basingstoke Aquadrome. It was a very exciting and balanced game in the first half where, although Portsmouth immediately took an early lead with two goals by striker Trevor J, neither side was willing to give up. The young Basingstoke athletes held up very well against an evidently physically and technically superior Portsmouth – up to the third quarter, when Portsmouth took off thanks to the above-mentioned Trevor J, Lorenzo B and exceptional goalkeeper exploits of Adam P.

But Basingstoke did not give up and tried and found two very beautiful goals in the third and fourth quarters. Finally in the last quarter Portsmouth closed out the match with goals by Mark L, Ben H and Trevor J. Goalkeeper Adam P was once again the protagonist when the team got into trouble, holding the score line several times with beautiful saves.

Final result: Portsmouth defeats Basingstoke with a heavy 11-2 victory. As stated above, although Basingstoke were carrying an obvious physical disadvantage, they displayed a good vision of the game and know how to “punish” their opponents in moments of weariness. Portsmouth once again demonstrated they are a strong and effective team, definitely one of the stars for the title race of the 16/17 season.

Goals :

  • Trevor Jones: 5
  • Mark Lewis: 2
  • Lorenzo Bernaudo: 2
  • Ben Hunt: 2